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Lockdown is being relaxed, not because we are winning the battle against the COVID-19 but because government cannot afford to meet our needs at home for a long period.
Use Your Head

They know that continuously asking hungry people to stay at home may have unpleasant consequences like revolts. So they ask you to go out at the risk of your life.
Use Your Head

Don’t loosen yourselves as you go out and dont subject your immunity to trial. The unknown underlying ailments in people’s bodies could be the fertilisers for Covid19 to thrive in infected persons. The risk is still there and increasing.
Use Your Head

As we are told, regularly washing of hands with soap and water; use of sanitisers; se your nose mask; keeping physical distance rules and leaving home for the essential reasons only
Use Your Head

You are on your own.
Relaxation of the lockdown is a clever way by the government to avoid taking responsibility for your death. You are on your own.
Use Your Head

Relaxation of lockdown is just to take you off social media so that your daily attack on the government can be reduced.
Use Your Head

Relaxation of lockdown is to silent opposition party who is already blaming the ruling party for the hardship and insensitivity on the masses. You are on your own.
Use Your Head

Figures from NCDC shows that the rate of infection is increasing and the Government is asking everyone to open their doors and go outside?
Use your Head

It is obvious the worst is yet to come.
Use Your Head

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Stay Safe


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