By Fidel A. Ozugha.

What a country! What a nation!! What a federation!!!
What other nations do, we do but convert our own into violence, maiming and killings.
We butcher ourselves. We burn our houses. We torch our properties. We vandalize our means of livelihood. We shed blood, and with pride and sense of fulfillment we do it.
We see ourselves as animals in the forests to be hunt, as games to be slaughtered. And that we do with delight.
We see nothing good in ourselves. We contain no benefits to one another. And we prefer outsiders to inherit our sweats. What a nation! What manner of peoples are we?
We have no solutions to our minutest problems. We never add values to ourselves, rather we deny, frustrate ourselves from succeeding. Are we alive in human form?
We corrupt corruption. We bribe angels. We cheat even our own tomorrow, and manipulate our own future. What an enigma of a nation!
There is a life, a robust one, for us to live if only we can tame ourselves. There are wealth, stupendous ones, in layers, for us to enjoy, if only we can turn over to a new leaf.
Milk and honey littered around and about us but we prefer to chase the ephemeral.
Who has benefited from violence? Who enjoys killing his neighbors? Heroes are not made out of violence but through benevolence, through altruism.
And violence begets violence. Nobody has its monopoly. It is just a vicious circle. If only we can understand, we will inherit the rich resources embedded in the land.
The things we enjoy are never out of our sweat. We sleep with electric light but know not how it is done or can refix or repair one that is faulty.
We cruise on tarred roads with posh cars but cannot even construct a pathway, not even a track road.
The clothes we adorn ourselves with bear no input of ours. We consume everything but produce nothing, not even toothpick, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Our toothache keeps us enriching other nations yet we have over 12 teaching hospitals and numerous five star private hospitals.
The food we eat are imported yet our arable lands lie farrow but inhabited by terrorists.
How many universities do we have, 79? Yet Madagascar that has only 6 produces COVIDORGANICS to save the world from coronavirus pandemic ravaging the entire humanity.

What unites other nations tears us to rags.Thus we have no good memory to take solace in when faced with a crippling uncertainty. Our past is scanty of good and sweet memories but littered with gory and ugly scenes.

It is only in sports, football in particular, that we can hug ourselves. Yet even in that we twist issues. We swap positions, manipulate opportunities and play God. Our best are the world worst. Corruption supervises every selection. And those we reject as unfit, shine in countries that adopt them. Later they pitch them against us. We then lament when dust and dribble us with grace to disgrace us. What a nation. When shall we learn our lessons?

And we don’t, and can’t trust ourselves. We reason along ethnic lines, along religion, along denomination. We suspect ourselves in everything, even our shadows. We pray to God every now and then, and when He gives us an opportunity, we then turn around to play God. Thus our stars are left to decay in obscurity.

What can we, or have not wasted? We waste time. We waste talents. We waste resources. We waste tomorrow. We abort the future.We waste youth, the labour force. We waste the elderly, the reserviour of knowledge. We waste girls, the mothers of our tomorrow. We squander opportunities. Wealth do not last long in our hands. We live in layers of corruption. And most of us don’t know yet how to live the lives God gave us.

NIGERIA, but we love you.


  1. That where get all wrong,,
    ONE NIGERIA. The truth is that we can never be one Nigeria never. We are pretending to be, British have made the mistake by uniting our 4th father together which dose not suppose to be so, please the only solution to save us is by dividing that country.


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