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All thanks and praises are due to Allah, Whom we thank, seek for help and invoke for forgiveness. I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Mohamed is His slave and Messenger.

Are you aware that no religion encourages its followers to adopt mutual love, affection and intimacy like the religion of Islam? Islam has no specific day to celebrate love. This is because every hour, every minute, and every second is a minute of love in Islam. Actually if you didn’t notice that the Holy Quran is a book of love among many other virtues, then you have missed a lot on Islam.

Even the prophet’s SAW Ahadith are mostly reflections of love, which enlighten our hearts and minds in this world. He SAW said “When a man loves his brother, he should tell him that he loves him.”[Tirmithi]. And of course this applies to Sisters as well. Now listen to this wonderful Hadith where the prophet SAW teaches the Ummah how to spread love among its members:

“By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, you will not enter Paradise unless you believe, and you will not believe unless you love each other. Should I direct you to something that if you constantly did, you would love each other? Spread the greetings of peace among you”[Muslim].

The prophet SAW even taught us to love objects! Did you hear of another religion teaching the love of objects?! Listen to this next one: “This is Uhud, a mountain which loves us and we love it” [Bukhari and Muslim]. Oh yes, he’s talking about a mountain!

In Islam, love is encompassing, comprehensive and sublime. It’s not restricted to just one form. Thus, you should find it wherever you go. And make no mistake about it, even a successful marital and family life in Islam, is based on love and compassion. Islam encourages real love between husband and wife; a type of love which is linked to the land and life and hence can withstand trials. A kind of love based on sharing the concerns of daily life and cooperation for it to continue, prosper and succeed.

But to attain such true love, the prophet SAW has set some crystal clear rules and guidelines. Let’s see:

“A woman is married for her Deen, her wealth or her beauty. Go for the one with Deen, may your hands be in the dust!(if you fail to heed)” [Muslim].

“The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is the pious woman” [Bukhari].

So the first step is pretty clear: piousness on both sides. So just take it, and let Allah shower you both with love and mercy.

“And of His Signs are that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy” (Quran 30: 21).

True love in Islam is based on affection and mercy, rather than on ardent love and animal desire. It’s a kind of love based on quiet affection and mutual mercy, not illusions of desire which fail to withstand the reality of marriage. Does this mean that romantic emotions have no place in Islam? Of course not! The prophet SAW was the most romantic person on earth.

The prophet SAW was careful to put his mouth on the same place from which his wife Esha drank.Have you seen anything as romantic as this? And In his final illness, he SAW used her Siwak (tooth stick) and died while he was reclined against her chest, between her neck and bosom. Have you seen a love which is more noble, more sublime, and more romantic than this?!

May Allah bless you all for reading this Friday sermon, and may He forgive us all on this blessed day,Ameen. Jumaah Mubarak to all of you!



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