By Prophetess Esther Omotunde Alawode.

Angels are said to be from God. They visit at the command of God, whomsoever God intends them to visit. They are speedy messengers of God who never give messages except God sends them.

Angelic visitation to Abraham forewarns him of pending doom on Sodom and Gomorrah, which by so, gave Abraham the opportunity of pleading for the life of his cousin, Lot and his family (Gen. 18: 16-33)

According to the Holy Book, visitation of three angels to Abraham and Sarah, his wife (Gen. 18: 9-16), lead to the conception of their son, Isaac, even at their old age. (Gen. 21: 1-2).

Angelic visitation to Zechariah changed the image of himself and wife from being a barren couple to becoming a parent, but not without a sign, as Zachariah was doubtful of the message wondering if it could come true (Luke 1: 11-19).

The visitation of an angel to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, made her the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 1: 26-38); and of course, sign to prove it was shown when she visited her relation, Elizabeth who also is the wife of Zachariah ( who had already encountered an angelic visitation), the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped confirming the presence of a supernatural Being who had been told Mary to be coming to the earth through Holy Spirit and from her womb. This is a sign of the truthfulness of the visitation (Luke 1: 39 – 45).

Angels can be sent to you in the form of a fellow human, a brother, sister, wife, friend, or even your parents.

Inasmuch as angelic visitation is known for mostly good deeds such as he did when he changed the name of Jacob to Israel and visit Sarah and made her the mother of all nations.  Rebecca is not also left out of the angelic visitation.

Till date, God is still sending his angels to give his messages to His children in this dispensation but the angle you placed your believe and trust determines how you assimilate your angel’s instructions and messages given to you.

The message from God to Pharaoh through an angel is ‘Let My People Go’. He chose not to listen to the angel (Moses) God sent to him. Angel of God to all individual is first, our conscience. Do you listen to your conscience before dealing with your fellow humans? Do you have conscience when you speak or do evil to others or rather, does your conscience convict you after your act or behavior?

Does your conscience prick you when you backbite, attack, nag or speak evil of others?  If yes, there is a presence of an angel in you, which is constantly rendering visitation service in you. Its know left for you to listen or otherwise.

When angelic visitation via dream came to Joseph, even as a child he understood him and by so doing, when his pronouncement of his angelic visitation angered his brothers and he was sold to slavery, he never forgot the message that has been related to him from the angelic visitation message he had been giving,. No wonder he never let the loss of flesh derail him from the mission and vision of the angelic message derived from the visitation.

Jacob had a dream… saw angels going up and down the ladder from earth to heaven. He held on to one of the angels and wrestled with him and demanded to be blessed. His name was changed from Jacob to Israel making him achieve what he wouldn’t have been able to achieve in a lifetime, just in a jiffy because, he had angelic visitation.

Angel of the Lord’s visitation to the camp of the Israelite gave them light in the night in a form of pillar (Exodus 13: 21; Exo. 14: 19). There wouldn’t be an angelic visitation without a reason or without leaving a tangible mark of reckoning. Note, in all above, examples of angelic visitation, there are tangible reasons and aftermath, which lead to God talking to the person in question (through the angel) and by extension making a covenant with the person in question whereby perfecting him or her 

If you have been opportune to have been visited by an angel and you termed to see it as a joke, I admonish you today to think back to the message and retrace your steps back to correcting whatever you might have been doing contrary to the message.

Make sure you stick to the instructions and it will better your lot by making you turn 360o around.   You can’t enjoy God and his goodies if you are disobedient to the message(s) you have received from angelic visitation.

Read and study your Holy Bible, not like a novel, but with dedicated mind and reading over and over till you understand the underlying information behind the writings in the Bible and you will hear the necessary angelic message which will be ministered to you to remind you of several angelic messages which you must have ignored when the visitation came but you were not attentive.

How would you know that the supposed angelic message is from the angel of God?

These are tips to know you have encountered an angelic visitation

1. You will know this as the message will tally with God’s Biblical dictates, will not or never run contrary to the word of God, and of course such messages will edify God and God only.

2. You will feel the sense of overwhelming love and peace of God. As you are pondering over the message from the visitation, you will feel some sort of innermost peace which will be overwhelming. You will be encapsulated in a kind of feeling that will show the aura of God in your presence.

3. If you are in grief before the visitation, you will instantly feel comforted. A soothing and comforting will just suddenly heal your grief and the weight of your grief will just wear-off.

4. You will hear a voice when no one is around – You will hear someone say a soothing word even when no one is around but the voice will be audible enough for you to hear and understand.  Note: sometimes, someone will just say an answer to a pondering and nagging question you have been meditating upon, and of course what that person says will tally with the response you have so much been searching for. This will send chilling feelings of satisfaction to one’s spine. It’s also a sign that you have had an angelic visitation.

5. You will feel an overwhelming sense of knowing – this is a situation that you haven’t decided how to move forward and suddenly you just have the right feelings of direction on how to move. And you make the step, and very, fortunately, it’s the way forward. This will make you know that you have the presence of angelic visitation in you.

6.. Lastly, any being, maybe your parents, friends, colleague and relations who speaks words of truth, wisdom, discerning in relationship with the Holy Book to you at any giving time is your angel at that particular time.

Please take heed and studying what they say with the mind of God, so you will not regret later.

Above all, I pray, whenever we have angelic visitation, we will be alive to discern and be able to understand the mission, vision and reason for the visitation, amen.

I will meet you again next week with another thought-provoking word of God by His grace, amen.


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