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APC vs PDP: WEEK 2 DAY 3. COVID – 19.


The results of yesterday’s Covid – 19 competition have been released by NCDC. 436 new cases from 19 states of the Federation were handled. Out of the number, Oyo State, a PDP strong hold, was ahead of other chosen five. She supplied 52 cases, adding one to the former 51 cases.

Kaduna followed her with 28 new cases against 25 of earlier case. Enugu got 18, Rivers 8 and Kano and Borno got 6 and 2 respectively.

In all, 20244 cases of the pandemic have so far confirmed in the country from inception. Out of that, 6879 have been dischrged while 518 deaths have occurred.

We are yet to see any feat performed by these states in the area of scientific breakthroughs. None of them has come out with invention on drugs that can kill the virus. It is only from Imo State that Prof. Iwu came up with some cure. Imo is not part of our concern for now. Therefore, which of states can stand above others to bail Nigeria out.

The nation has been eyeing the one produced by Madagasca. Are they more brainy than us? What do they have that we lack? Where are our pharmacists, the herbalists, etc, etc. It is now time to prove your mettle. Let’s see if PDP will not beat APC states hands down. Take it to the bank, APC has rich advantage to dismiss whatever PDP is capable of doing.


We have been getting calls that the two most outstanding students in the UTME, Agnes Maduafokwa Egoagwuagwu and David Okwuchukwu Nwobi may be highly favoured by the Government of Chief Willie Obiano.

Agnes Maduafokwa Egoagwuagwu, a girl, scored the highest in the exam. She got 365 and wants to read Industrial Production Engineering in the University of Ibadan. David Okwuchukwu Nwobi followed closely with 363 marks, and wants to read Mechanical Engineering in Kwara State University. Both of them are from Anambra State.

Therefore, it is a plus to the Government of Anambra State to appreciate and celebrate these stars. Wife of the Governor, Chief Mrs Ebele Obiano, Osodieme, according to information reaching us, is warming up to ‘mother’ the rare gems.

Even, I am just thinking, Gov. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, may reason that since UI is the first choice of university of Agnes, and decides to award her a scholarship. This is how we can unite this country, how we can fight drug abuse and addiction among our youths.


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