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Results of yesterday’s performance have been released. Out of the 36 states, 21 participated, and 675 cases were confirmed. Two states – one PDP and another APC had a clean slate. They are Enugu, for PDP, and Kano, for APC.

The confirmed cases are as follows: Oyo has 76, Rivers 56, Kaduna 20, and Borno 8. So while PDP has 132, APC has 28.

We are not getting better. Things are not improving, rather they are getting worse. Covid-19 pandemic is a war, but we not winning, upon all the efforts and resources invested.

CACOVID ordered for supply of 400,000 covid-19 test kits, set up isolation centres in various states. There is still lockdown everywhere. Prayers houses – churches, mosques, markets, schools, etc are still shut down.

We have been counting our losses all along, no gain at all. Businesses are folding up. Hunger is increasing with inbuilt frustration, anger and aggression. And crime and immorality are on increase. Lamentation of a mother whose son, a minor, impregnated his two sisters has gone viral.

So how do we making best out of the ugly, unfavourable situation? How do we gain out of covid – 19? It is only face mask we have been able to produce yet. What of the drugs? What of the machines – RT-PCR machine, the GeneXpert machine, etc can’t we fabricate them?

The much needed GeneXpert machine.

This time to rule our world, to demonstrate that we are both giants in population and in brain as well. Yorubas are reputed to be ahead of other tribes in herbs and roots, now is the time to prove it. Igbos pride that they have technial know-how more than other tribes in the country, this is the time to prove it. Out of the crooked wood you will know a good carver.

The 4-in-1 GeneXpert machine that we need

So let APC states challenge their PDP counterparts. Let it be Wike vs El-Rufai, Ganduje vs Ugwuanyi, Mkinde vs Zulum. Then this country will be set ablaze positively. THIS IS THE KORNER KICK.


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