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We are in day 7 of week 2. Today is the end of WK 2, as we will enter WK 3 tomorrow.

In the performance of the states yesterday, 684 cases were confirmed by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control [NCDC], five deaths occurred, 19 states submitted their findings. Out of our six states of Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Oyo and Rivers, only three participated. Three participated, and are Oyo with 76 cases; Rivers with 46 and Kaduna with 16 cases. Therefore, while APC has 16 cases, PDP has 122. Thus APC wins in the competition

Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers State


Gov. Nyeso Wike of Rivers State – a PDP state – has done a lot to channel the energy of the youth into positive things. In 2019, he said that he had approved the employment of 10,000 teachers to boost the quality of education in the State.

”I have abolished every form of payment in primary, junior and senior secondary schools because many parents are poor and they cannot afford these payments. We have taken the burden away from them so that parents can conveniently send their children to school,” Gov. Wike said.

Rivers State Government has trained over 3,000 teachers [SUBEB] for the 1,315 basic education schools in the State. The Gov. approved 10,000 new jobs for the State – owned University.

In sports, the Real Madrid Football Academy will be completed this August, and classes will commence in September, 2020. Already 1, 500 applications have been received from various parts o the country. According to the Governor, 70% of those to be admtted must be indigenes of the State while the remaining 30% will be outside the State.


Gov. Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State

”In our efforts to build the capacity of our youths to contribute to our development, we have recruited 2, 250 teachers, 2,550 KESTELLA marshals and1, 245 health workers who are all young persons.

”We recognise that government alone cannot engage all youths, hence we have provided a conducive environment for private sector investment for private sector investments that are already proving their capacity for job creation.

”Our young entrepreneurs can acquire much neede business skills and access to finance through the KADSTEP, the Kaduna start – up training in construction and trades through the the Kduna Artisan Training Academy.

”We are also funding practical training for tradesmen in electrical technology and electronics through the Kaduna Electrical, Electronics and Energy Academy.”

The Academy is located in Kaduna State University [KASU]. About 400 youth drawn from 23 local government areas of the State enrolled as pioneer set of students. They will receive short training on short-term technical and professional courses, provide skills, making them employable.

So between these two, who cares more for the youth? Between APC and PDP which one is more youth friendly? ….And Jim Cliff warns: ”Treat the youth right or you may be sitting on a timed bomb.”

Disclose to us other hidden feats we failed to mention -with facts and figures through editor@nationguardnationnews.com. THIS IS THE KORNER KICK. We dedicate this to any state governor that can create ONE MILLION JOBS for youth of his state, directly or indirectly.


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