I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worshiping except Allah alone with no partner! He has made the Holy Qur’an as a clarification of all things, as guidance, mercy and good tidings for the Muslims .

I also bear witness that our Prophet and Master Muhammad is the Servant and Messenger of Allah. His Lord supported Him with His Clear Book (the Qur’an) whose miracles have become apparent, whose signs have amazed all creatures, and whose eloquent verses have overwhelmed obstinate minds.

May Allah send His Graces, Honours, and Mercy and Peace upon Him, His family and his companions through whom the flags and banners of Truth were raised sky-high! O servants and slaves of Allah fear Him. Allah has revealed in Qur’an chronicles of Prophets and Messengers as consolation to Prophet Muhammad and us by extension.

As well as source of guidance to Him and us (Qur’an: Al- Qasas: 77 and Yusuf: 111.) Chapter Yusuf is a rich source of lessons and guidance. Prophet Yusuf was brought up in home with lengthy history of prophetic ancestry. His father Prophet Ya’qub kept reminding Prophet Yusuf when he was young of his ancestors Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ishaq not for the sake of boasting and pride but for the sake of following their footsteps and teachings.

Prophet Yusuf got the right training and became among the best young men. Allah subjected him to various types of examinations to test his faith. Iman is 50% patience and 50% gratitude. Prophet Yusuf passed the examination by applying both. He experienced both bitter and sweet times. He even experienced worst betrayal from the most closed persons to him.

He did not become impatient during hard times and did not become arrogant and ungrateful during nice time. This is attitude of successful believers every time.The lessons:

1. The brothers of Yusuf plotted to wipe away his love from the heart of his father but the love increased.

2. His brothers planned to kill him but he out lived.

3. His brothers attempted to wipe away his name and reputation but the contrast happened.

4. He was sold to be a slave but ended up being a king.

Lessons are: Do not worry yourself of conspiracies and plots of human beings. Just give total submission to Allah and Allah will do it all for you. After all Allah is the Master counter plotter. Allah’s plans are the best, perfect and most accurate.

How? The prisoners confessed that Prophet Yusuf was the best among them but Allah caused them to go out of prison before him. One got executed and the other continued to be servant to his master.

Yusuf stayed more than them but later freed to be a king and to meet his parents at the end. So don’t be sad if your dreams and hopes are delayed. They may come with better that your expectations. Make no mistake about it.

Allah does not forget or waste your service and obedience to him. When Prophet Yaqub said: he was afraid that the wolf may eat up his son, the son was gone and he became blind. But when the opportunity presented itself again and similar incidence happened years after and he said: I give total submission to Allah, his beloved son Binyamin came back to him, his beloved son Yusuf came back to him and he got his eye sights back.

May Allah bestow on us the faith of total dependence and submission to Him.


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