By Omotunde Idowu

God is a listener as He listens to all His creations. He listens to man, animals, birds, and plants. In fact,  the Lord God listens to all His creations and revises them all in and out of season.

This was ascertained by the fact of rain coming at its season to nourish the land and be able to feed the plants when it seems there isn’t enough to sustain plants for the Lord God hears the yearning of the plants. He listens to the cry of the beast and provides its meals at the right time. For God has authority over everything (Matthew 9:7).  No wonder my Cherubim and Seraphim hymn book says in No 479… 

THY mercies we beseech Thee O our Lord,

Shower them on Thy Children

All birds that fly and small ants that do walk

Receive them plentifully.

Chorus: Mercies! Mercies!

Thy mercies we beseech Thee O our Lord descend;

All birds that fly and small ants that do walk

Receive them plentifully.

Evidently, cockroaches have something to feed on and it also becomes good for the grand in circles, hen becomes food for man and lastly, man becomes food for the ground.

Therefore, I guess you will agree that in truth,  the owner of the Universe provides for all and sundry.

Then, when it seems that He is not listening to trees, it’s evidenced that the tree will start to whether and loses, if not all, a greater percentage of its leaves and even the seeds dry and fall off. The trunk dries, roots dries and many-a-times, the tree falls, marking the end of such tree. 

Yes, when it becomes distressed, the tree at s point seeks water from God and the request is seemingly not answered. The reason for the request to be denied is best known by the Creator of all.

Animals at one point prayed also, many a time, the prayers are answered. Evidenced to this, is ascertained from the tact that when Nebuchadnezzar offended God, he was turned to a beast, and when, as a beast he realized that God is the only Great Being and referenced Him (even as an animal with the mind of an animal), God heard him and changed his (Nebuchadnezzar) situation and made him a man again (Daniel 4: 31 – 34).

Jonah, who was recalcitrant, called God in the belly of a whale, indicating that God communes with all His creations and they hear Him, as well as Him hearing when they talk, make an impression, groans, cry and ask (Jonah 2: 1-2).

But when it seems God isn’t listening or rather when it seems He is silent, then the phase must have been prompted by something.  When it seems God is asleep, non-caring, or unconcerned, there is definitely something wrong.  When a prayerful person committed fellow who obeys (seems to obey), who passionately serves God and religiously honour and do all that God stipulates according to Jesus Christ and the Apostles’ teaching, then, there is no doubt, it’s for s reason.

Abraham and his wife, Sarah asked from the Lord. Expectedly, one would think their answer would be spontaneous being that Abraham was a friend of God, whom God Himself called ‘man after my heart’. One would then wonder, why did God tarry before bestowing them with their heart’s desire, a son, Isaac?  (Genesis 15: 2-3)

David, though chosen and anointed by God Himself through Samuel, prayed and prayed, to be saved from King Saul, and in fact, ran, hid, and almost got killed, and during David’s travails, it seemed God wasn’t listening, or He was silent (1Samuel Chapter 18; 9 -11; 1 Samuel 19: 11-17).

When Job, a fervent and forthright believer in God was going through his tribulations, he was being. Mocked by wife, family and friends, yet he prayed continuously to a fault but yet, it seemed God wasn’t listening, or He remained silent (Job 1: 20 -21; Job 2:10).

It seemed God was silent when Daniel was praying for the liberation of Israel from oppression in Babylon, where Israel sojourned because of their recalcitrant to God. Even when God said they would be incarcerated for 40 years but yet there seemed to be no respite after the stipulated time. Daniel’s persistence however later paid off as while it seemed God wasn’t listening He had heard and it’s just for the right timing to manifest as I believed for the Prince of Persia to delay Daniel’s prayer was for a purpose. So the perfect time of God will be the nick of time (Daniel 10: 13).

It was years of continual asking for a child from God, making Hannah a laughing stock as if her God was in slumber. She asked, yet it was as if her God wasn’t listening.

But yet, David who knew that God has a purpose, season, and timing, says, God never sleeps nor slumbers (psalms 121:4). This now leads me to say to you that at the nick of time, when the Lord God deemed it feet, He answered Abraham and gave Isaac,  the child of destiny, the child of fulfillment, the promised child.

At the nick of time, He answered Hannah and gave her Samuel, a child of fulfillment whom God himself was waiting for Hannah to rededicate to Him, for there was a purpose and plan of God concerning the first fruit of the womb of Hannah. 

God was waiting for her to profess her willingness to give the child back to Him in servitude (service of God).  Once she made the right the pronouncement, and at the nick of time, even when a prophet Eli was there to provoke her, but because she was true to her God and purpose, she never lost cautiousness of her mission, vision, and passion nor forgot her days of sorrows and rant along, that made Eli felt she was moving her lips and was felt to be a drunk woman, but yet, Hannah waited gently and patiently, and with the calm disposition (not being unruly towards Eli) received her fulfilled prayers (1 Samuel 9: 4-28).

With all these Biblical assertions, I will implore all and sundry that when you ask from the Lord God, be it the fruit of the womb, job, wife, elevation, forgiveness and redemption, salvation, upliftment or whatever, hold thee forth, for He never fails.

If He could redeem Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego off the wrath of the lake of fire (Daniel 3: 16:28); if he could answer the prayers of Abraham and bestow him with Isaac which was the name derived from Sarah’s feeling at the fulfillment of God in their life (Gen 21:5); if He could remove the shamefulness of being barren from the life of Hannah (1Samuel 2: 1- 5); if Elizabeth and Zachariah could become parents at their old age (Luke 1: 57 – 55); if God could redeem Israel from the bondage of Pharaoh (Exodus Chapters 5: 1-9, 7: 1 -3, 8: 6- 24, 9: 6-23; 14: 5-31); if He could bring forth the universe from nothing (Gen. 1:1); if He could redeem the world by making Himself God the Son and paid ransom to redeem the world back to Himself (Isaiah 9: 6), then He is just waiting for the nick of time to surprise you.

And on the last note, I sing, Hold the fort…

Ho, my comrades! See the signal,

Waving in the sky!

Reinforcements now appearing,

Victory is nigh


Hold the fort, for I am coming,

Jesus signals still;

Wave the answer back to heaven,

By Thy grace we will.

Where will you be when the trumpet shall sound?



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