By Livy-Elcon Emereonye

One thing that I have realized as a healthcare professional is that no one had ever wished to be sick – and when one gets sick, every attempt is made to treat or manage the sickness for the person be well. No one ever plans to be sick yet people get sick and some even die in the process despite all treatments and therapeutic measures!

The same scenario holds true with success. No one ever plans to fail including those who fail to plan. This is one of the things that make one resilient and strong. We always hope for a better outcome even when the odds are too glaringly against us. When the conviction is clear with the system in place and the process assured, one can go out to conquer the world but most times the dreams, the desires and wishes could not be actualized before death.  

When we push harder, we break  barriers. Yes, until we ask questions, we may not find answers. The need and reason for research cannot be overemphasized for it is by probing that provision comes. Step out in a grand style and you will break fallow grounds. To do exploits – real exploits – you must be ready to expend energy, money and time. But because you have invested resources does not mean you must get positive outcomes, always. Whatever is the case, the inherent experience must be courted. What you encounter, you experience – and the things experienced last longer than those imagined.

It is the way of man to often hide his intentions but it is worse of hypocrisy to deceive others with false appearance. If you doubt this, go closer to that person you so much admire and had sacrificed your life for his wellbeing. It is not funny that those you denied yourself of comfort to advance their cause, may be out of love, would earnestly want you to suffer and they could indeed plot your downfall without a second thought. So watch before you leap. Before you drink that water-like liquid to quench your thirst, endeavour to confirm that it is indeed water. Many acids, yes poisons, look like water – and some have been killed even with poisoned water!

When we are in need, we feign to be humane and humble; to those some of us seek their assistance and help, they pretend to love. But with power and money, the real monster in us manifests – and we are of all animals most miserable because we dwell in pretence and perfect the art of deception.

Like craggy hungry dogs going after the one stooling and vomiting, many people only go after what they can benefit from. Yes, in our local setting, it is a common saying that the goat follows the person with fresh fronds. When your value is needed, those in need of it will go for it but when it is time to reciprocate the gesture, many reasons would come even from quarters least expected to explain and justify why such can’t be done. In pretence, and out of pretence, we fail to realize that the harvest time must surely come – and however well one masters the art and act of pretence, the real deal and reason must manifest one day.

Is it not funny and laughable that the same man you sacrificed everything to advance his cause could form all sorts of alliance to scuttle your ambition? Yes, it is no more news that the same man you saved from all manners of attack  turned around to connive with your enemies and opponents to pull you down! But why, and for what?

How best can you define the attitude of the man whom you delivered from public disgrace to tell your admirers that it is only the alliance with your enemies that could make him actualize his dreams – and he went out to blackmail and sabotage you within the limits of his ability?

To make things worse, his principal partner in deceit came out boldly to perfect their act of calumny. In a sheer display of primitive smartness, he arrogated to himself the power of declassification, forgetting in haste, may be out of amnesia or pure mischief, that all human beings are created equal!

It is abuse of privilege but more of betrayal – betrayal of trust for a man to claim the powers he never had. It shows the emptiness of life for someone without gold to see every other person as a gold digger. It is pure mockery of value and respect for someone held in high esteem to descend to the lowest level of bestiality, stabbing the one that runs to him for guidance and support. Just for a bite of a rotten pie, the idol lost out in the respect game.

Yes, it is really pathetic that after smoking all sorts of things, one could begin to question God, forgetting that God is God. Just imaging a helpless weakling arrogating omnipotence to himself! It is funny how someone drooling and salivating could lecture on the wonders of perfumes and perfumery. No man can give what he lacks!

In the circle of viciousness, double standard is a norm – and this is made manifest when the clowns dance naked in the marketplace.

The bottom line is that the devil cannot be asked for repentance and salvation, so don’t give anyone room to perpetuate evil in the system of a nonexistent godfatherism!


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