By Omotunde Idowu

All Christians, both practicing, nominal church-goer cum bench-warming class do celebrate Christmas, all in commemoration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ since the early fourth century that the Church fixed 25th December every year as the Saviour’s birthday since no one can authoritatively say exactly which day or the month Jesus Christ was born. Hence the adoptive date of birth for Christ by almost the whole world is 25th of December (some countries do celebrate Christmas on different dates. For example, Ukraine, Serbia, Jerusalem, Russia do celebrate their Christmas on January 7th).

This celebration goes far through several centuries. In celebration of the birth of Christ, many invest their hard-earn money in partying as they feel the occasion is worth celebrating the birth of the Saviour of the universe.

Yes, the birth of Christ is worth celebrating, but methink the manner and style in which the world goes about the celebration is awkward. For instance, how does one justify the celebration of the birth of Christ with a loan? Or by becoming drunk to stupor, or through other acts of wastage and frivolities? Celebration of Christ is not bad in itself, but it is not merry if it has no reflection of the reason why Christ was given to us.

How does one say he or she is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a heart full of dirt and silt; how can a sinner appreciate the birth of Christ without having known Him?  Of what use is the celebration that does not have God’s true presence?

The book of Isaiah chapter 9:6 tells us of what the birth of Christ is, whereby the reasons for the birth of Christ was clearly enumerated – a child (of God) was born to us; the kingdom of God is upon His shoulder; He will liberate the world by bridging the gap between man and God; He will liberate the world from iniquities which the first man and his wife (Adam and Eve) had made the entire human race a partaker; He came to free souls of men from the shackles of sin and make Himself known to man whom He had created in His likeness once again.  

For in creation, God confirmed the making of man in His image in the book of Genesis chapter 1: 26 -28. If man, who was created in the likeness of God went astray, and God in His magnanimity decided to come in the image of God the Son (Jesus Christ) to liberate man back to Himself, to celebrate the great effort of Jesus Christ should never be involved in sin.

On this note, I ask again, was Jesus Christ in the Christmas you celebrated or you just got merry for the sake of it? Did you take time to reflect on the birth of Christ  and what it signifies for mankind? Do you ever think of how you will be part of the propagation of the good news? How do you go about developing the right attitude towards knowing the reason behind the season called Christmas?

Therefore, brethren, to celebrate Christmas, lets always live by His teaching through the writing of His Apostles; meditate upon the word of God; have a sober reflection on our behavior and see if we are still right with him and if not, make a change of character/attitude; make His words our guiding principles and be ready to disseminate the word of God which we have learned and be able to bring other lost souls back to God.

As it is my beloved, all things have their time as confirmed by the Holy Bible (Ecclesiastes 3). This is the time for the world to reflect on its existence. A time to know where it has lost it, so as to retrace its steps back to the presence of God.  This is the time to appraise yourself and know if you are still in the faith you so much profess.

Let’s endeavour to see this season as a mirror showing us our true self, and in doing this, let’s look critically to see if we do not have a strain in our relationship with God. Let’s see if the coming of Christ Jesus to this world, and in our life is not a joke but that he had bridged the gap created by sin between us and God.

With the trend that the world is moving and the clock of the universe clicking as fast as air, and of course, the Son of Man, the sacrificial Lamb of God is very eager and ready to come and take the harvest of His faithfulness. Know that it won’t be a party affair but for a reckoning. The amount of music you played, the rams you killed, or chickens slaughtered in celebration of Christmas will never be reckoned with as righteousness for you, unless you celebrate doing the will of Jesus Christ and being his true disciple.

Be prepared, so as not to be caught unawares like the days of Noah when people were frolicking in merry-making, giving out daughters in marriage, and refused to acknowledge things of the Lord; refusing to listen to the voice of Noah, to whom God had revealed what would happen. If this generation falls into the same gully like the generation of Noah (Genesis 6: 5-22); if this generation is found lacking just like the five unwise (foolish) virgins who weren’t prepared and got their oil exhausted moments before the arrival of the groom (Matthew 25: 1- 15), it’s a clear indication that the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ don’t have any impact on them.

So, I plead to all faithful Christians to shelf all frivolities of the world and be in readiness for the second coming of Jesus Christ, while keeping our lamps lit. Be like men who are waiting for their Master when He returns from the wedding feast, so that they may immediately open the door to Him when He comes and knocks (Luke 12: 35-36); let’s be like the faithful servant who traded with the talents given to him and when the Master came back, he was rewarded bountifully (Matthew 25: 16 -22).

Let’s continue to reflect and meditate upon the Word of God. Let this be our prime focus and nothing more.  Let’s put it at heart that worldliness which we so much embrace will amount to nothing when Jesus Christ comes calling. Had I known will never be acceptable on that fearful arrival, which is the second coming of Jesus Christ.


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