By Omotunde Idowu

I know there would have been several people who would have once again said the usual resolution of which I grew up to hear people say. People say many things they would not want to indulge in again hence they made resolutions and say what and what they have decided to forgo as New Year resolution. For many people, it is either to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, desist from co-habiting with bad friends, stay focused on his or her studies, ignore bad counsel, cut off junk food, start attending church and all programs organized in their local churches, be loyal to their parents and guardians, and a whole lots like that.

Of course, I had also at one time or the other joined the band-wagon of ‘New Year resolution makers’ of which I doubt if I was able to fulfill as should be, thereby falling short at less than four months into the year.

Take, for instance, someone who was a chain-smoker, who made a resolution not to smoke again felt cold on 21st of January. He decided to take a stick of cigarette and promised himself saying, ‘that is the last time he would be smoking cigarette’, but not more than two days later, he smoked another stick of cigarette. However, he kept on reassuring himself, nothing that, ‘after all, I use to smoke a packet, but now, I just take 1 stick of cigarette a day, that means he would soon stop smoking’.

If I can be sincere with that person, he had just succeeded in reducing the intake of cigarette but wasn’t able to fulfill his resolution.

A typical example of what I enumerated above have been the lot of majority of the so-called New Year resolution makers. Based on this, I saw no reason for resolution but rather, one should restitute to God.

You would then wonder why restitution should be the right steps to take rather than resolution.

What will come to minds of all restitution makers will then be, why do I need to restitute with God, when I are not married to two women; marry another man’s wife nor in a relationship with another woman’s husband; I haven’t steal nor kill someone? How come restitution could be what my new year focus on?

Yes, restitution is what the entire world need so as to enjoy the God-given earth. Before I go further, we need to know what restitution means and why it is the ideal thing needed by all human and not resolution.

Firstly, the dictionary definition of restitution is, restoration to the former or original state or position of something; returning back to the form or shape at creation. And this can only be achieved by returning to the maker who happens to be the creator, God the Almighty.

While resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Of which I doubt, someone can achieve without the help of God. Without God’s involvement nothing can be possible nor be achieved in terms of human efforts. For the bible says, if Paul plants and Appollos watered, its God that makes it grow (I Corinthians 3: 6-8).   

Therefore, by restituting, you are coming back to God; You are returning to the original state of creation (in the form that God created you); You are returning to the true image of God, which is the form that you and I were created; the image which is full of perfectness, fruitfulness and have the power to subdue the earth for the blessings of God the creator is upon us. For so the bible says in the book of Genesis 1: 27-28; Gen. 1: 31; Gen 9: 6; James 3:9.

Restitution is the key thing that the world is expected to do. If you decide to come back to God, He will give the enabling power to be free from sin and all its accompanying attitudes, for the bible says, come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls (Matthew chapter 11: 28-29). 

As soon as any man comes onto God, the power to forgo all ills in one’s life will be given to the person (Isaiah 43: 25; Isaiah 55: 7; Psalms 51:1; Isaiah 40:2.

This is high time the entire world restitute with God. Its time to do away with all our sins that have made us come short of the glory of God (Gen 6: 5-6).

It time for the entire human race to embrace God the Creator so as not to be caught in the coming damnation of the entire human race that have forsaken God; We are to retrace our steps back to the roots which is, Jesus Christ whom God has made the Way, the Truth and the Light of which no man comes to God except through Him (James 14:6);

All that felt they stand, should reappraise themselves if they are still right with God and still rupturable (1 Corinthians 10: 12; Malachi 3: 7).

All watchman in slumber should wake up; watchmen that are mute dogs and reamers lying down should wake to resolve with God (Isaiah 56:10);

No one, not the head of the house knows when the thief is coming, hence they would have been prepared. For that is how it will be when the Owner of the world will come (Luke 12: 38-40);

Therefore, my people, let’s abandon the old ways of resolution-making but rather seek God in restitution and we will be free from all iniquities and other indulgences that can lead us to damnation.

Restitution time is now for me, you, us and all that still think they are standing, for we all have to re-appraise ourselves. Restitution time is now for the entire world!

Where will you be when the trumpet shall sound?


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