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By Abu Maigoro

It’s a known fact that Nigerian youths are in dire need of urgent attention to the challenges facing their sprightly lives. In a recent time they became overzealous, willing to serve to exhibit their talent in both public and private sector.

Nigerian Youths have suffered unfortunate days of total neglect that prevent them from exposure. Some youths extend their desire to go into self-venture and promote entrepreneurship. While some have excel in creativeness and capacity building.

Apart from abundant natural resources and climax in the country, we are blessed with experts in any field that can drive the economy to the next level. What is needed is the opportunity and chance from Federal Government and the private sector.

And it’s obvious, we have a gentleman, patriot, sagacious and protagonist as Minister of Youth and Sport Development, Hon Sunday Dare who fits in the job, has understood nation building can only be ascertained through the workforce of the youth. Surprisingly, within short period in office, we begin to count numerous youth empowerment programs

Coincidentally, Nigerian youths are blessed with another visionary leader, Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo, the President National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) who would dedicate everything to the youth. He’s youth and youth friendly, an advocator of peace and selfless phlebotomist.
Amb Sukubo is a kind of person who could hardly do indulgence. He’s always ready to disencumber the burden of the youth.

Therefore, the pairing of both Minister of Youth and Sport Development and President of National Youth Council at this critical time is the most positive development in the history of Nigerian youth.

Before I go further, I would like to remind the two gentlemen the kind of sacrifice, contribution and the massive support by the Nigerian youth to this present administration. The enthusiasm shown by the Nigerian youth in consolidating democracy and peace building was creditable and commendable which can only be rewarded through engagement in skill acquisition, employment, empowerment, entrepreneurship, scholarship and soft loans. Honestly, Nigerian youths deserved some praises. Nigerian Youth as the workforce and backbone of development always circumspect and stand for lawful means to acquire good reputation, as many youths will not still be standing with such proportion of daily denigration and psychological abuse.

Even at this time of national trial ranging from the consequences of unemployment and joblessness that have impacted harshly on the quality of life of Nigerian youth and families. Also the social cost of retrenchment by private sectors, corruption, and prolong unemployment are said to be the primary source of poverty, youth recklessness, prostitution, racketeer, terrorism and all sort of transgressions. Still we are optimistic and hopeful.

We can now exult in distinction because the youth are given the desired merit. The two gentlemen are courageously on top of the affairs of Nigerian Youth and we have started yielding positive results. I can boldly say the era of fulfilment has come to stay.

I don’t need to write too much of repercussions faced by Nigerian youth because Amb Sukubo is also Youth, a human right activist and sacrificer who can lead Nigerian youth in the course of social revolutions. And I believe he must have discussed with the Hon Minister the urgency to address this forbearance.

Inconclusion, I want to reaffirm and endorse the leadership style of both Minister of youth and sports development, Hon. Sunday Dare and the President National Youth council of Nigeria, Amb Sukubu Sara-Igbe Sukubu for their selflessness, fairness, fearlessness, workaholic and eloquences and acknowledgement of the state of disquietude facing Nigerian youth.

Abu Maigoro
A concerned citizen write from Jos


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