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The attention of the Leadership of Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos has been drawn to a Media release concocted by one street tout Mr Patrick Mba over the recent visit by the President General of the Community, Chief Sunday Udeh to his bosom friend, the immediate past Executive Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Comrade Ayodele. Ndigbo, I do not want to go into details of what transpired on the visit which has raised dust and rumors by some people on our stand on Igbo Presidency and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential ambition come 2023 but to address a well known street urchan called Patrick Mba who has thrown shame to the dustbin.

This whole issue is the figment of imagination of little minds, otherwise where did the press conference take place. This is the typical of a losers noise-making to seek relevance and cheap popularity after losing woefully in the election for Igbo Speaking Community Presidency in Lagos.

The leadership of the Community under Chief Sunday Udeh wishes to use this medium to categorically state that at no time did he call a press conference to endorse His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as president when he has not formally declared interest for such. We are ambassadors of our People, the Igbo Nation. We foster Unity between our people and our host Community. We do not engage in confrontation be it social or Political.

The proponents of the article Mr Patrick Mba and his cohorts are bent in rubbishing Ndigbo by causing an imaging crisis between us and our host Community since they lost out in the leadership election of Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos. In the unfortunate press release, he talked about the position of the leadership and Board of Trustees of our great Community over that visit to Amuwo Odofin local government. He made deragutory Comments that called for questioning.

Firstly, let me use this opportunity to remind the general public that the boy Patrick Mba is no longer a member of the Community having been suspended by the immediate past President General of the Community Chief Ebere Ubani on August 31st 2019.

The suspension has not been lifted till date by the present leadership of the Community under the able and vibrant President General Chief Sunday Udeh as a result of him dancing naked in the market square on the election day at the National Stadium Surulere where he as one of the Contestants to the exalted office of the President General had resorted to scuttling the electoral process when he discovered through his agents that he lost the election.

Thank God for the quick and smart intervention of men and women of goodwill who saved the day. The idiot Patrick Mba mentioned the Board of Trustees in his address and I begin to ask, who are the members of the board of Trustees he was referring to?

Is it the Board of Trustees headed by the late Igwe Uche Chukwuka (MACKROYAL HOTELS) which has not been reorganised till date or Board of Trustees headed by a GHOST? Today, the Community out of it’s fourteen member Board of Trustees listed by the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja has about three remaining members alive who are

1. Prince Obi Nwadiugo

2. Jonathan Nnaji and

3. Eze Cyril Anomnaeze.

Jonathan Nnaji, been a former president of the Community was suspended from the Community as a result of atrocities and fraudulent acts he committed while in office as President General. The matter led the Community to seek legal backing and in the year 2007, the Lagos State High Court Igbosere upheld the suspension of Jonathan Nnaji and was immediately thrown out of the exalted seat as President General giving room for his then deputy, Chief Chris Ekwilo (ANYA NDIGBO) to take over position as acting President General till election conducted, and Chief Ubani came on board as the sixth President General of the Community.

Till date, the suspension of Chief Nnaji has not been challenged in the Upper Court nor has it been reversed which gave room for questioning on how he came back to become, first, a member of the Community; and secondly, how he became the Chairman, Board of Trustees when his last position in the board before he became President General through the backdoor, was treasurer.

For records purposes, the legally suspended and later removed stadium tout Jonathan Nnaji is not a member of the Community and also not the Chairman of the exalted Board of Trustees. For our father, Eze Cyril Anomnaeze, he is already incapacitated as a result of old age. He is over hundred years old, blind and hardly hears. Obi Nwadiugo who happens to be the only member Board of Trustees has also lost sense of reasoning as a result of old age.

Going back to the issue at hand raised by the Bastard Patrick Mba and his cohorts who if not for the intervention of men and women of goodwill supposed to be languishing in Kirikiri Prison by now as a result of his evil acts to the Community on 31st August 2019. Thank God for the listening ears of the President General Chief Sunday Udeh on the need to soft-pedal on the matter.

In Conclusion I want to state that the tout Patrick Mba and his cohorts lack the capacity to address the Community in Lagos being the original social cultural body that unites Ndigbo in Lagos State; that the tout Patrick Mba having been suspended by Chief Ubani in the open hall at the National Stadium Surulere, is no longer a member of the Community in any form except if the ban is lifted by the present leadership of Chief Sunday Udeh.

The Tout Patrick Mba who hails from Nkanu in Enugu State can not win a ward election even in his home village and as such does not have the gut to determine nor comment on the efforts and diligence of the present leadership of the Community to reposition the Community for a better and result oriented leadership poised to give Ndigbo the best in Lagos State. The Present leadership under Chief Sunday Udeh is working hard to see that the Community returns to and improves on its lost glory.

The present leadership is working round the clock towards seeing that the welfare of every Igbo person in Lagos is taken care of and as such, there is every need for him to reach out to the Government of the land and all stakeholders of Lagos State including Hon. Ayodele and the former Governor and National leader of APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The present leadership under Chief Sunday Udeh will continue to reach out to the Government at all levels towards the welfare of Ndigbo in Lagos State despite the huge challenges before it.

The leadership is not disturbed by the antics of human manipulating idiots like the educated illiterate that goes by the tittle and name: Ozo Patrick Mba, Jonathan Nnaji and their cohorts.

Finally, we want to thank all Ndigbo in Lagos State for their unalloyed support to the Chief Udeh leadership of the Community. Special thanks to Chief Joe Igbokwe, Special Adviser to the Governor on Drainage and Water Resources; Hon. Sir (Dr.) Jude Emeka Idimogu, our only voice in the Lagos State House of Assembly; the Council of Ndieze Lagos State; Ndigbo Lagos under the leadership of Gen. Dav Umahi (Rtd) Chief Solomon Ogbonna President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos; the Elders Council under the able leadership of Chief Oliver Akubueze (Nmiri Ndigbo); Chief (Barr) Mrs Nkechi Chukwueke, S. A to the President on Community engagement; Chief Chris Ekwilo, JP (Anya Ndigbo), Political Gas; for all their supports and prayers. God bless all Ndigbo in Lagos State and let’s stop to listening to Jobless cowards. Let’s continue to be Law abiding as Lagos State belongs to all of us.

I remain your humble and committed servant,

Chuks Odimegwu, (COCO)

Secretary General,

Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos.


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