By Alawode Omotunde

Last week’s article was about God, still being our God, in whatever situation. This, however, calls for us to always thank Him. He is an unquestionable God, who is forever magnanimous in His ways, acts and deeds. When God speaks, His voice brings comfort; His voice brings grace, peace, counselor, and of course, His voice brings ultimately life.

When God speaks, He comforts His people in all situations, this He emphasized when He promised to send a comforter to all humanity in the person of Holy Spirit (John 14: 16), He continued in His greatness by giving grace to His people (2 Corinthians 12:9), When God speaks, His voice gives peace, for He is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9: 6),

When He spoke, all things formerly created on the earth came alive once again (Gen 1: 3-20) His words bring the dead alive as displayed in Jesus Christ’s deed in the calling back Lazarus to life from the land of the dead, though Lazarus had been buried, yet the Mighty Power of God called him back to life, making all that were around to mourn him know the mightiness of God Jehovah (John 11: 42-44);

When He speaks, His voice counsels His faithful and all human beings alike, for He never discriminates among His people. In fact, we are expected to give Him glory and honour for His counseling for so said the Holy Book (Psalm 73:24). In fact, from His mouth, He said and I quote “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go. I will counsel you with My eye upon you (Psalm 32:8).

From this quoted verse of His eyes upon us, there comes the assertion that all that believe in Him will never be put to shame; all that work in His ways will never be left untended to; all that obey Him will neither be humiliated nor be put to shame.

This brings about the assertion that Nigeria, with the population of Christians; with our great numbers of Churches and worship centres, with the evangelical strength that we have, and of course, with the numbers of Great Ministers of the Word that Nigeria is blessed with, there is no way God’s eyes will not look down upon the nation Nigeria and heal our land. There is no way God will jettison our requests for peace and stability, nor ignore our humble prayers.

There is no way Jehovah will not show Himself as the Greatest Advocate for His people that are called by His name. There is no way all Amalekites facing the descendants of Israelite known and called Nigeria will not be put to shame. Our God is the God of the peace lovers. And this we have done that now boomeranged.

We have accommodated and those we accommodate have become thorns in our flesh. They have become pepper in our eyes. They have become salt on the surface of our injury. But our God had told us that if our enemy is hungry, we should feed them; naked, we should clothe them and, in fact, we should provide shelter. And all these we did but they became our undoings.

Nigeria will be liberated for the eyes of God is upon her; Nigeria will be back to her rich place for it has come out of the mouth of the Lord (Joel 2:25); Nigeria will blossom again, for God has spoken once and I have heard this twice, that all power belongs to God (Psalm 62:11).

And as the Lord has spoken and would come to pass. Every evil hand upon this great nation will wither. All evil-doers moving the country waverly will be wiped as the air blow them that they will know not their positions again. All warring factors will be calmed (Psalms 46:9a). Every troubled water and every stormy area of Nigeria will calm, for God says be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth (Psalms 46:10).


Where will you be when the trumpet shall sounds?

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