By Alawode Omotunde (Woman In His Vineyard)

Last week, the article inspired was about game-changer and somehow, I never felt fulfilled in the article as it kept coming into my heart to do more justice to the topic hence this week’s article…
Although there are two forms of game-changers, one is the positive game-changers and the second, negative game-changers.

I will quickly talk about the negative game-changers though, I chose not to dwell on negativity but positive game-changers which is the reason why I came out with this topic in the first instance. The negative game-changer is firstly spotted in Adam and his wife, Eve, who was the architect of negative change to the order of creation which was meant to be perfect and peaceful (Gen. 3, 1 Timothy 2: 14).

They alter the master plan of God for humanity. This negative game-changer attribute of theirs still came up in the life of their son, Cain, who killed his brethren because of jealousy (Gen. 4: 1-18 ). And can still show its ugly face in every human being who refuses to acknowledge God but goes the way of the world. This is so confirmed in the book of 1 John 2: 15 -17.

Now, to the positive game-changing instinct, which was imbibed into all humans, so as to progress our existence. The Holy Bible confirms this above assertion when God created all things and asked Adam, who happened to be the last of the creations to name all other creations and take dominion over all (Gen. 19 -20).

If you are not an evil conformist or rather if you are never at ease in the midst of evil perpetrators even if they are blood-related to you, the tendency of becoming a game-changer is in you.

If you are not always at ease with the way things are being done and you are always with the feeling that things can be done in another way, to produce a more productive and positive result, then, the game-changer vibe in you is the propellant that forever allows you feel the way you feel and unrelenting until the thing is being done in your own perspective which is always the right part as the case may be.

If you believe things can come out positive even when others and their notion says otherwise, it means you are a born game-changer, which some people now call influence.

If you never take not possible as an answer but always see positively and possibilities where others see failure, it means you are a born game-changer. When others relent but you always have the zeal to continue, when others sleep but you are ever alert; when others snore but you choose to dig deep, research, inquire, find, seek, etc, it means you are one of the God-ordained game-changers;

If you do not believe that all to be achieved has been achieved but believe and strive to make your impact and contribute to the growth of your organisation, church, group, family, office, you think out of the box, does not mean that you are insane but means you are a game-changer.

Game-changers does not live or dwell on others, but rather live for others and try to influence others positively.

Game-changers do not believe it is over, as they carry the mind of God who is always moving, inspiring, innovative and responding to situations at all times;

David who was seen by his brethren, including his father, like a good-for-nothing, was a born game-changer (Psalm 69). When his sheep were in danger, he strived to save them from lions (1 Samuel 17: 34-35); when Israelites were in great turmoil and facing the danger of their lives and not a single trained warrior, army or warlord could volunteer to fight Goliath, who happened to be a giant Philistine, who was mocking their God and the entire Israelites as well, the little boy David (whom God has imbibed with game-changer instinct) dared all the odd and came to defend his God and people (1 Samuel 17).

But yet, the game-changer instinct in him was never swayed but rather, it grews from strength to strength, and with God on his side, he was able to silence his mockers. You can as well do so and achieve God imbedded game-changer trail in you, provided you refuse to be abated but strive on by holding forth;

If Joseph refused to be silenced; he refused his brethren to kill his destiny and dream and by extension, their hatred became a propellant to his glory. It led the way for Joseph’s game-changer drive (Gen. 37: 12-26); and because he knew what was imbedded in him, he never allowed momentary fun that was offered to him by his master’s wife elude him of greatness (Gen. 39: 8-9). And his game-changing fact came to fore at the nick of time.

Jephthah is another notable game-changer who defiled all odds from being rejected by his people, called an outcast, sent away, but remained focused and his people later begged him to rule them and fight their course (Judges 11);

Queen Esther is another unforgettable game-changer who realised the reason God Most High relegated the former queen to honour her. She realised she could not afford to lose nor fail God in the handling of affairs of her people Israel and she did justice.

From the above assertions, I know you would be pondering all your life, your moves, what you carry (i.e) what God put in you to better the lots of your family, humanity, and the universe at large.

Make hail now to achieve them as there is a great reason for all humanity’s creation. Achieve all that God has destined to be achieved by you and by that, you will impact on the generality to the glory of God.

As for me, I am a game-changer in all spheres. What about you?

Where will you be when the trumpet shall sound?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!WomaninHisVineyard


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