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By M. U. Adikwu

The Disappointment of Jesus
I have treated the disappointment of God but will also have to treat Jesus differently. He Is God, yet He is the pattern for everything. No Christian write-up is worth its salt without tying it up on Jesus. First of all, He is the pattern for everything including disappointment. The Father Himself made it clear that we should listen to Him. I am sure this was the reason for the transfiguration. The law and the prophets (typified by Moses and Elijah) are all inferior to Him. Whatever the law and the prophets said are inferior to what Jesus says. It was for this purpose that the Father has to declare during the transfiguration,

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him” (Matt. 17: 1- 9).

Yes, whatever Jesus says about disappointments is correct. Whatever happened around Him when He was working in the streets of Jerusalem has much to be learnt from.

Jesus was a symbol of disappointment from birth to death. Such a being that came from Heaven was expected to be born in a wealthy family, with all the celebrations and naming ceremonies. These were not to be. He was born quietly in a manger where only His Father and mother and sheep were His companions. Human beings are never comfortable with such a happening. If being born quietly was what heaven wanted why not at least in a popular town? After all, no prophet has ever come from Galilee!

This has much lesson for us. Many of the things that have heavenly origin happen quietly without much fanfare! That is why many people are left behind even when God has moved into doing a new thing. For human beings whatever God does must be loud and clear. This is usually not the case. This was the lesson Elijah had to learn on Mount Horeb (1 Kings 19:11-14). Elijah had thought that the visitation of God had to be accompanied with boisterous wind, thunder and/or earthquake, but this was not to be. God came at a time when everything
was still. This is the nature of our God.

The other thing that must have brought about some disappointments in the life of Jesus was that the parents were not to name the child. The child’s name was given from above. The parents had nothing to contribute. Moreover, the name given was not even the type that was common in Israel. None of their relatives bore that name. It is usually important that male children pick names of their family members for the continuation or perpetuation of the generational lineage. Other parents would want to give names to their parents that
would bring prosperity into the life of the children. Thus, names such as “Goodluck”, “Godswill”, Godspower, etc., are common these days. For Jesus, this was not to be so.

Another disappointment during the early life of Jesus was that His birth brought death to many children. This must have brought sorrow to very many families. I keep wondering what the parents of the children that were two years and under that were slaughtered would be saying when they found that Jesus was not killed along with their own children. That would have forever created enmity between Him and these parents. After all it was because of Him that their own children were killed. If Jesus was killed too, the story might be different.

At other times too Jesus was a disappointment to his earthly father and mother. We are told how the family used to visit Jerusalem yearly at the feast of the Passover (Luke 2: 42-50). One of the years that they went with Jesus, He could not be found when the parents had travelled a day’s journey.

He had disappointed them as they had to go back in search of Him. They assumed He was with their relatives. It is good for us not to assume like these parents (Joseph and Mary) that Jesus was coming along with us or with our relatives. He must personally be with us for the journey of life to be smooth. Many of us believe that Jesus is with one man of God or the other. Sometimes we believe He is in our church without checking out our personal life.

In fact, it is a risk to think like this. Supposing we do not have Him? It will be too unfortunate because there is no possibility of eternal life without Him. Jesus in you is the hope of glory (Col. 1:27, 28). We must therefore, never leave him behind in the church before we encounter a terrible disappointment.

His three years old ministry upon the surface of the earth was filled with disappointment. It came to a point that His follower had to leave him, with only the 12 disciples remaining with Him (John 6). He was a disappointment to both His disciples and His parents. His disciples left different trades to follow Him. Leaving them at this point meant much to them. Many would be left stranded. At this age of maturity (30 years and above) is the period that most people take care of their parents yet he had to die leaving this duty back-stage.

Jesus was also disappointed by His disciples. After His resurrection he had told his disciples to wait till they were empowered from up high. Two of his disciples decided to travel to Emmaus. Peter and some of them went fishing (John 21:3). Similarly, He commissioned His disciples to start preaching from Jerusalem to Judea and the uttermost parts of the world. They never did until persecution started.

Adikwu writes from Abuja, and can be reached on 08034378988; adikwum@yahoo.com

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