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By Paschal Nwako

There are Zion Prayer Ministry outlets literally all over the globe. People are coming from every part of the world to Zion to attend all its programs. Many non-Nigerians, non-Africans, and other nationalities are coming to Zion Prayer Ministry to be part of this movement. I don’t want to discuss what happened in Abuja on February 24th, 2024, when Zion Abuja hosted the Evangelist in an open arena. Many can attest that the crowd was overwhelming but peaceful, and many could not believe the number of people that attended the event.


From my scientific perspective and understanding, for a person who started prophesying at the age of 8 and was lucky to be mentored by a known, reputable, and trusted priest, Fr. Odinkenmelu, who guided him and put him in covenant with God Almighty, he will never leave the Catholic Church, never have sex until he is married, and should never be money conscious. That’s why we have the Zion Ministry today. If any human being can keep himself or herself pure without sex, continuously fast, not be money-minded, and stay with one faith denomination, that person will definitely go far and be successful in life.

Evangelist Ebuka is so simple in his teachings and way of life that it’s hard to imagine how he took over the Christian congregation in Nigeria in large numbers. He rarely eats, and I have sources that collaborated with him, one of which was with him when he traveled to Israel in 2023

The man looked like he came out of a hole when he first appeared for the ‘2023 Hundred Days’ crusade. You could see that he had not eaten, probably for a month or more. He was a skeleton.

I was praying that he did not collapse on the ground. I was scared for his health. But little did I know that he was used to this lifestyle. He did not go to a theological school, but he knows the Bible like the palm of his hands. He did not get any training in Catholic teachings, but he knows more than people who went through seminaries and are ordained. Tell me why many will not be confused as to what is happening in Zion. I am not blaming the Catholic Church that sat back and continues to monitor what is happening in Zion; Ebuka’s dad was confused when an eight- year-old child suddenly became the center of attraction in the village. People would come and consult with him to know the sex of their baby while still in the womb.

He became a human ultrasound with 100 percent accuracy. Who else has that God-given talent for prediction and has worked very hard to keep it and use it to serve God and humanity the way he is doing it in the Zion Ministry today? The uniqueness of the Zion Ministry is so widespread that people get into flights heading to Nigeria and shout “Zion,” and you will hear “We Move.”

This slogan has become the worldwide symbol for all Zionites around the world and a rallying cry for God’s continued benevolence to His people who believe in the magnificent work in the ministry. The use of hand bracelets, various clothing items, “odeshi” handkerchiefs, hats, scarves, calendars, etc. can also serve to identify Zion members.

Many people in the diaspora have come back just to be in Zion Ground, Lagos, and head back to their base after such an encounter as I did. The Zion Ministry has brought many families that didn’t have hope for health or wealth to the God who sees it all, says it all, and does it all. This is unbelievable!

With such rapid growth, many have started saying negative things about the Zion Ministry and Evangelist Ebuka. It is quite understandable, but like me at the initial stage when I had my doubts, I urge everyone to pay close attention, follow Zion Ministry, and see what is happening there. Judge for yourself.

Those that are part of the Zion Ministry who have received God’s help, who God has saved and rescued from the power of the flesh, the dominion of the devil, and the power of sin, should help and not ridicule or despise brethren having this kind of struggle, unrest, tension, and conflict!

They should open up to the whole world about the work that God is doing in the Zion Prayer Ministry. For those struggling with habits like masturbation, lesbianism, sodomy, pornography, pool betting, gambling, smoking, drinking alcohol, fornication, and other secret sins and addictions delivered through the Zion Prayer Ministry, safeguard your freedom and salvation. It’s documented all the time during the ministry’s programs. According to the evangelist, people with such issues should not keep quiet, because a sealed mouth or lips also means a sealed destiny, and anything you don’t face and confront, you cannot change!

There are uncountable deliverances and miracles in the Zion Ministry that can be collaborated upon worldwide, and all Zionites should fill the airwaves, media outlets, and internet with such testimonies. The work that various Zion Ministry outlets are performing through Seraphic homes, hospitals, etc. is remarkable and should not go unmentioned. Zion is planning on hosting large gatherings in the eastern part of Nigeria starting in August 2024. This is expected to herald the movement of people, goods, and services to the area where the Eastern Zion Prayer Ministry will have its permanent location.

As I said earlier, like all progressive organizations, there will always be negative comments, but I urge everyone to pay close attention and, if possible, attend one of their programs to witness firsthand what God is using Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi to do in Zion Ministry.

As human beings, we all have our faults or flaws. No person is perfect. I have come to realize that Evangelist Ebuka is not perfect. He has his human flaws. He can be said to be inpatient at some points and could come out as a person who says it without caring how the person at the receiving end will feel. No one is perfect; only God is perfect. However, we have seen over and over again that Ebuka sees into people’s situations even without these people asking for help from him. He gives them funds to sustain them, which he refers to as seed funding.

 In Zion Ministry, you do not sow seeds for things, as is the situation in many other worship places. You are not asked to donate for this and that; just come and worship, and if you wish to donate, then you can.

Regardless of your situation, opinion, religious denomination or non-religiousity, and life outcome, it’s worthwhile watching and listening to what Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi is teaching because there is something about what he is doing that may pertain to what you might or might not be facing. His teachings cut across all people in life. Regardless of who you are, there is something to learn from his teachings.
I had no affiliation with Zion Ministry before I joined a group a few months ago, and I am an outside observer who happened to start following Zion Prayer Ministry and come to believe.

Again, I am a third-generation Catholic stating my views about something unique happening in our generation that many generations will probably be speaking about. 

The conclusion
Dr. Nwako, a servant who comes to serve and not to be served, can be reached via the Zion USA Zone 6 Administrator.

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